Otani Accounting Office: Identity - A face to the name

We are proud to announce the launch of our new identity - the next step in the evolution of our brand. 

With our business growing and changing significantly over recent years, we felt the need to establish a firm hold on the future. After careful consideration and deliberation over a suite of concepts designed by our resident creative supplier Dan Parsons, we have chosen a new identity that breaks with tradition and matches better who we have become: a provider of innovative tax and accounting consultation services for the modern venture in Japan. 

The design and feel achieves a more relatable connection with our clients. This in turn helps both parties to thrive in a highly competitive and dynamic environment, acquiring desired market share with better financial returns.

Since the launch of our business in 2017 we have expanded internally and simultaneously acquired a wide variety of clients from all over the world. The effect is a solid and diverse portfolio which broadens the prospects of current and future businesses who wish to expand into Japan.

We hope you like this new look just as much as we do!

OAO00002 - OAO Cards.png
David Otani